Anti-trust Statement

The Energy Exchange is recognised worldwide for the organisation of high level conferences within the upstream oil and gas sectors.
The Energy Exchange is firmly committed to complying with anti-trust laws and is therefore concerned to ensure that the legitimate commercial purposes served by events organised by The Energy Exchange are not misused for activities that contravene applicable anti-trust laws. Speakers and other persons participating in Energy Exchange events are therefore requested to study the contents of this statement carefully.

As a general matter, anti-trust laws prohibit any contact or exchange of information between market participants that is liable to prevent, restrict or distort competition. This would cover any commercial information which amounts to a business secret. A unilateral disclosure of such information could be construed as an invitation to engage in anti competitive activity. Therefore it is extemely important that there should be no discussion or disclosure of such information on any topic that might give rise to anti competitive practices.
We ask all participants in Energy Exchange events to cooperate in helping us to ensure that by observing the principles outlined above our events are not misused for activities that could breach anti-trust laws. This statement is not, however, intended as a substitue for legal advice. In particular, speakers should ensure with their own legal advisers that the content of their presentations and any materials to be distributed are compliant with anti-trust law. If any participant at any Energy Exchange event believes that any activity has taken place which could raise issues under anti-trust law they should immediately report their concerns to The Energy Exchange event organiser and their own organisation in accordance with their internal reporting procedures.