Expert Interviews

Interview with BRIAN MAXTED

Brian F. Maxted is Kosmos’ Chief Exploration Officer and a member of the board of directors.

Mr. Maxted served as chief executive officer for three years and led all aspects of the business to create a world-class organization before choosing to return to exploration.

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Interview with Mamadou FAYE

“I would begin by presenting PETROSEN, the national Oil Company of Senegal. PETROSEN was created in 1981, by the Senegalese Government. The main purpose of the company is to implement the policies of the Government in the upstream and downstream of the energy sector."

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Interview with Abdul Jabbar Abdul Karim

In an exclusive interview with the Energy Exchange, Abdul Jabbar Abdul Karim, General Manager of Major Engineering Projects at Bapco, analysed oil and gas security in the Middle East and the importance of reducing or mitigating the vulnerability of disruptions in oil supplies. 

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Interview with Mirek Topolanek

The Energy Exchange spoke to Mirek Topolánek about the current and future state of the European midstream market and how project Eastring can help to ensure supply security in the Balkans.

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Interview with Marco Schiavetti, Supply & Trading Director at Saras

“After 5 years of efforts we think we have managed to develop a best-in-class department in all its components, from trading and risk management, to operations, logistics and planning”

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Interview with Kenan Yavuz, CEO at SOCAR Turkey

The most significant advantage of the Turkish petrochemical industry, despite the close proximity of feedstock rich countries with big petrochemical producers, is the level of domestic demand, which allows the establishment of production facilities in world scale capacities.

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Interview with Robert Storey, CEO Advisor at SOCAR Turkey

Can you give us an update on the STAR Refinery integration project since last year?
The project so far is on schedule and budget, the contractor has taken advantage of some very competitive pricing both in equipment supply and sub contract prices. All long lead items such as reactors, compressors, large columns and coke drums have been ordered and are currently on schedule to be delivered on the required contractual dates, extensive inspection and expediting is being carried out globally.

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Interview with Krisztina Petrényiné Szabó, Petrochemical Product Line Group Manager at MOL Group

With MOL investing in leading technologies, particularly in the petrochemical sector, we spoke with Krisztina Petrényiné Szabó, MOL’s Petrochemical Product Line Group Manager for her insight on MOL’s position in the market.

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