Against a backdrop of low and volatile oil prices, the African oil and gas industry is facing funding challenges and global competition. CAPEX continues to remain under extreme pressure, with many scrambling to cut costs as prices plummet.

However, the oil and gas industry has faced major disruption in the past and its ability to be innovative, to lower costs, and to adapt will enable them to take advantage of this new reality.

Oil and gas companies must harness technological advances to access new resources across Africa. And government policy and reaction will be a critical factor in determining attractiveness for investment in Africa versus the rest of the world.

Operators and governments must focus on building sustainable partnerships, ultimately leading to a stronger industry and robust economic development.

Energy Exchange events and reports in Africa are used by oil and gas companies as a key tool in understanding where to look to find value in the chain, and to take advantage of the new oil and gas reality.

Our conferences and exhibitions are all supported by and have large representation from the local NOC or Ministry, giving you a critical opportunity to stay close to resource holders.

Governments and NOCs we work with in Africa include:

  • Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Egypt
  • EGPC
  • Sonatrach
  • ETAP
  • NOC Libya
  • MPMP
  • Gabon Oil Company
  • Ministry of Mines, Oil and Hydrocarbons, Gabon
  • Petrosen

The Energy Exchange also hosts several invite only networking evenings and roundtables on Africa, throughout the course of the year. As an Energy Exchange customer you’ll be invited to each of these. Previous guests of honour at these events have included:

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