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We run 18 events across 4 continents each year.

Our events bring together the industry's stakeholders to discuss and debate all the critical issues from creating win-win NOC/IOC partnerships to offshore exploration.

We facilitate knowledge exchange and partnerships within the oil and gas sector.

We run 18 conferences, exhibitions and networking events throughout the year. We also provide independent analysis and industry reports.

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The Energy Exchange is committed to creating high quality events in the form of conferences, exclusive roundtables, exhibitions and networking evenings. We have a global reach and are currently active in Africa, Middle East, CIS and Europe.

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We recognise your need to access knowledge. We regularly create reports, whitepapers, analysis and webinars tackling all your critical issues.

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We pride ourselves on our innovative and exciting event formats. We will give you more opportunities to meet the right people, and more platforms to have the right conversations.

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The Road To Recovery: North Africa’s Oil and Gas Industry

North Africa’s oil and gas sector has had some difficult times over the past decade. But despite that the region as a whole still remains in the top league of African oil and gas producers.

The challenges the region has had to grapple with include:
• Unfavourable tax laws that helped to weaken the investment climate
• A failure over decades to curb domestic energy consumption
• The retention of fuel subsidies
• The high-profile terrorist attack on Algeria’s Amenas gas plant, which exposed the region’s vulnerability

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Africa Oil and Gas Report 2015

Against a backdrop of low and volatile oil prices, the African oil and gas industry is facing funding challenges and global competition. CAPEX continues to remain under extreme pressure, with many scrambling to cut costs as prices plummet.

However, the oil and gas industry has faced major disruption in the past and its ability to be innovative, to lower costs, and to adapt will enable them to take advantage of this new reality. Oil and gas companies must harness technological advances to access new resources across Africa. And government policy and reaction will be a critical factor in determining attractiveness for investment in Africa versus the rest of the world.

We have created a report to enable you to understand the current challenges and opportunities facing the oil and gas industry in Africa.

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The Future Role of Gas – Part 1

The European gas market has changed dramatically in recent years. While the stake of gas in the region’s energy mix is gradually increasing, the supply and demand imbalance enhanced by low oil and gas prices prevents gas from becoming the dominant energy source in Europe. Nevertheless, in the next 10 years the demand for gas in EU is expected to grow considerably, displacing coal more and more in the future. The discussion around the role of gas in the European energy mix and gas pricing are still at the heart of the commercial and political debate.

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Fact Sheet Somalia Minerals

Somalia’s mineral potential was not adequately explored, mapped nor surveyed properly. Since colonial and post-independence time, the country remains to be one of final frontiers that will offer opportunities and surprises to companies that venture into. At present, the demand for certain minerals is high, and therefore, due to that the market prices are high.

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North Africa Survey Report 2014

In North Africa, cooperation is enabling companies to remain competitive and add value to their existing operations. By collating insights from all the key pioneering companies in the region, we have created an in depth report to enable you to benchmark, analyse trends, learn from issues encountered to date, evaluate the decisions behind operations and identify a strategy that can be implemented into your own business.

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"A really high value combination of an informative conference and ample opportunity for networking and making new contacts"

Michael Brown, Senior Director, Delta Energy & Environment